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Aschere Lestrange (アセー レストランジュ Ase Resutoranju) was a Human Quincy. Before her death, she was married to Saiph Lestrange and had a daughter, Mintaka Lestrange. She was killed before Mintaka reached high school, and currently resides in Other World.

Appearance Edit

One look at Aschere can show anyone that Mintaka inherited her looks from her mother. Aschere was a pale-skinned woman with dark-black hair and dull-red eyes. Ultear has a rather voluptuous figure, and is very well-endowed. When casual, Aschere apparently favored a white kimono with a golden yellow sash, and frequently wore it, and others like it. Her battle outfit consisted of little more than a tabard-like garment adorned with a giant cross, symbolisng she was a Quincy, that barely covered her front and back, with a sizable slit exposing her cleavage. The attire was open on both sides of her body except for a small attachment at her waist, and she donned long black boots that leave her upper thighs bare. 

Personality Edit


Aschere's more sadistic nature.

Due to being dead prior to the start of Claw and Fang Tales, not much about Aschere's personality is known. However, given Mintaka's account, she loved her mother and it is said that Aschere was softer on Mintaka than Saiph is, and would make her life a bit easier. While she would fit the description for kind and loving, both Mintaka and Saiph shudder to remember the times when Aschere could get angry, and this was reuputed to be her main persona in battle, that of a fierce lady of war who would elliminate the foe entirely, befitting of Quincy powers.


Sometime prior to the start of Claw and Fang Tales, Aschere married into the Lestrange family from another Quincy Clan by marrying Saiph Lestrange. However, contrary to popular belief, this wasn't an arranged marriage, the two genuinely loved each other. About 19 years before the series began, Aschere gave birth to her daughter, Mintaka Lestrange. It was Aschere who taught Mintaka how to channel her Quincy powers, and persisted in the training of her daughter until she died when Mintaka was in her early teens. 

Equipment Edit

  • Quincy Cross: Like all Quincy, Aschere possessed this artifact and used it as a medium to channel her own Quincy powers.

Powers & Abilities Edit

Spiritual Awareness: As a Quincy, Aschere had some degree of spiritual awareness and possessed enough energy to use her own Quincy powers.

Gintō Expert: Mintaka said that she picked up several of her Gintō spells from her mother, and this would imply Aschere was very skilled in the use of Gintō.

Trivia Edit

  • Like her daughter and husband, Aschere draws her name from a star, in this case, the star 'Sirius', from the Constellation Canis Major. Aschere is an alternate name for Sirius.
    • A name Darkrai considered using her for husband was, in fact, "Sirius".