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Asumu Godai (五大 あすム, Tomorrow's Nothing of the Five Elements) is a human businessman who runs a very successful Private Military Corporation, dubbed "Tomorrow's Enterprises", a possible pun on his own name


Asumu is a very tall, and well built man who has a thin frame. He has short white hair that is smoothed down, aside from a single hair clump that hangs over his left eye. His attire consists of a black, skin tight sweater with the blue symbol of his corporation on it's center, along with black pants and a light grey, sleeveless coat with an open frill.


Asumu is typically a very calm and collected man who is well known for his charismatic and charming nature. As the head of a massive peace keeping corporation, he is well known for approaching situations in the best way possible; always willing to compromise and sacrifice for the sake of the greater good. However, he can also be rather ruthless when in an important debate. If he is on the losing end of a debacle, or if his opponent is unwilling to compromise, he will go to great lengths to ensure that he and his ideals will triumph.

A man of honor and principle, Asumu has an innate passion for combat. However, he is far from an underhanded fighter in this regard; he prefers straight up battle, with no tricks, gadgets, or attacks from behind. He believes that the only way to demonstrate superiority is to use your own, innate abilities and attack head on. He will usually spare his opponents if they prove too weak to pose a challenge, but almost never spares those who are powerful and pose a threat not only to his organization, but to humanity itself.


Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Martial Arts Master: Judging by his build and reputation, Asumu is a highly capable fighter in close combat. He fights in a fast but fair form of Jujitsu, specializing in powerful kicks and punches, while also using difficult blocks. Using his Electrokinesis, he will sometimes openly infuse his fists with lightning to enhance the power of his attacks, and also use it to electrify his opponents when they attempt to punch him while he is blocking.

Expert Swordsman: More notable than his martial arts is Asumu's sword fighting skills, which appears to be his favored method when dealing with close combat situations. His sword, kept over his back or on a sheathe on his left hip, can be drawn and sheathed within the blink of an eye, and considereing the origins of his blade, it should be no surprise that he could easily put down a powerful opponent in one blow.