Living World
The Universe
Kanji 現世
English Living World
Romaji Gense
Location Statistics
Type Universe
Controlled By Zen'ō
Primary Function The location all the living reside

The Living World (現世, Gense ) is the dimension in which all living beings reside until they die. There are twelve universes in the Living World, (e.g., the Earth is located in the Seventh Universe).

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The Living World consists of the galaxies, stars, planets, and all of the mortal races. It is overseen by the deities that reside in the Other World. Unlike the Other World, which is completely made out of Reishi, the Living World has a very small concentration of these spiritual particles. Shinigami, residents of the planet Soul Society within Other World, are often stationed in the Living World to guide the dead to the afterlife, and to deal with the menace of Hollows.

The Living World is arranged into four massive galaxies, each ruled by a Kai. These are the North, South, East, and West Galaxies.

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