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  • You steal a lot of pics from DeviantArt. That is uncreative, and disrespectful. That pic of Tavere is Mint. Several articles you made are taken art too.

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    16:04, November 3, 2014
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    • Also, read the page's trivia section. Zanpakuto Leader, the one who made the picture gave LL5000 permission to use it for himself. All three of us can verify this. By DA's own rules, the final say-so over what happens to the image is ZL's own, as he's the one who made it. Again, you need to do something more productive with your time, rather than bitch and moan over things as trivial as pictures.

      Also, if the DA user "Mint" has such a problem with it, he/she could at leave have the decency to get off of his/her high horse and bring the issue to me or another administrator themselves, rather than depend on one of their fans to do it for them.

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    • Either way it looks really funky. why didn't you ask him first? And when you asked Zanpakuto-Leader were you specific about which pic you were going to use?

      As I said either way it doesn't look right. How would you feel if you got a pic of one of your characters commissioned, then some dude jacks it and redos a bio. By not talking to YoshiCrusader (he's the one who's character is Mint) you basically went around him. ZL may have drawn it but it was for YoshiCrusader. It was his character.

      I've already informed YC so he knows. Why not just change the picture? Draw one yourself or steal someone elses (lol). You say you got ZL's permission but I'm 99% sure you asked in a way that wasn't specific. That made it sound like you were using one of his other pics.

      How old are you? 14? 15? That's usually the age group of people who take stuff off of DeviantArt and use them on Wiki's. It happened to Rigor and Lamp too. I dont get why you guys do this sort of thing. It's uncreative and disrespectful.

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    • Ah, the age jab. Nice; this your first day on the internet? Plus, that would apply more to you, as you're the one who is quite literally losing their shit over pictures. Pictures, mind you, pictures that aren't even yours. You act as if LL5000 (I'm not the one who "stole" the picture") broke into the dude's bank accounts and jacked everything he could find within.

      Might I inform you that LL5000 is a DA user himself who is quite talented at linearting and coloring pictures that Zanpakuto Leader gives him? He's well aware of the negative effects of art stealing, as he's had it happen to him before. That's why he asks first, and he asked ZL permission to use this particular picture (I doubt he even knew that the original owner existed), and it was given. ZL and LL's relationship goes back quite a few years, so yes, LL was specific when asking for use of the image.

      Once again, I implore that you find something more productive to do with your time, as this is just downright laughable, especially considering how you're resorting to more childish means of discussing the issue. xD

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  • One of your characters "Samantha Sakaguchi." Can you tell me which character and anime she's from? I'm not trying to borrow images or anything. I'm just curious because I know I've seen that character somewhere before and I'm having a hard time figuring out where. Thanks.

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  • The pic you have for Tavere is my friend's character Mint. Did you ask him if you could use the pic? Zanpakuto_Leader drew it, but it was still YoshiCrusaders design and character. I guess it just irks me because it's like taking a picture of Naruto and calling it your character "Donny" or somethin. You know what I mean?

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  • I was wondering, are we allowed to make our own worlds? Or can we only stick to the worlds available? And if this applied to races as well.

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  • Hey Aha, it's me. I know you pissed about commenting on Per's blog while I was still banned, and you have every right to be pissed. So, I'm sorry. It won't happen again. I was just so excited to see her after so long, that I was wanted to comment on her blog. I wasn't thinking at the time, and your comment was correct, to say the least. If there's anything you want me to do, then tell me. I'll do it. I wasn't trying to be a troll or anything, honestly I wasn't. I just wanted to see Per again.

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    Pointless discussion; resolved
    19:34, June 28, 2014
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    • You happened to say all this at the exact time my discussion with Zico finished. I don't believe in coincidences, Alpha. And, fine; I will rescind the perma-ban, however, I am extending it, as this proves you are incapable of dealing with a ban proper.

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    • No. I'm capable. I just got an alert on my phone notifying me of it because I linked it with my account. You can do that you know.

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  • I heard that Perchan is returning tomorrow. Is it true?! Please tell me it is. I missed her lots TTATT

    I just prayed that the operation went smoothly.

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  • Hi I was blocked from this page because of this The block was made by [[User:|User:]]. Reason given: Making articles without an account and ignoring an admin's warning against that very act. Start of block: 00:16, May 18, 2014 Expiry of block: infinite Intended blockee: Block ID: #1069 Current IP address: Please if you can unblock me and I promise to never go against the rules of this wiki and always stick to them. So please help me out.

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  • Hey Aha, I was wondering if you wanted to affiliate this wiki with toriko fan fiction wiki?

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  • Are we allowed to post fanon characters from Fanimes or just ones from an already made anime.

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  • How do you make the Review Header? That little stylized box that floats with you in your Review Blogs on the side of the screen. How do you do that? XD

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