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"This is a last resort, girl. For when you are deprived of your bow, tubes, and even your hand-to-hand is failing you. However, this is far more taxing on your spirit energy than your Heilig Pfeil. It's only good for two shots. Don't waste them."
—Mizuzu to Mintaka

Mizuzu Yumizuka (弓図=美鈴, Yumizuka Mizuzu) is the master of Marin Sawashiro and Mintaka Lestrange, and she also serves as the second master of Kisara Daikoku.


Normally, Mizuzu looks like a thoroughly aged woman, wearing martial arts clothes and occasionally a purple cap bearing a manji with the characters for 'master', which reflects ancient Buddhist tradition. She has shoulder-length pinkish gray hair and brown eyes.


Mizuzu is a strong master, caring for Kisara, Marin, and Mintaka as her own children. Stern and willing to instruct, one major goal she has in life appears to be preserving peace throughout the worlds. Unlike Juanita Rodriguez, Mizuzu has a staunch aversion to inner instincts and believes that they must be destroyed at all costs, a view that she has endeavored to ingrain into her apprentices.

Despite her sometimes cold actions toward her apprentices, she still cares deeply for them. She has another messenger follow Kisara out of concern for the youth. Despite the strain between her and Juanita, Mizuzu attempts to forgive her erstwhile friend, even welcoming her to help preside over the Crest of the Wings exam despite their last meeting ending in violence.




Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Spirit Gun (霊丸 Reigan): Mizuzu is known to possess knowledge of the Spirit Gun technique, something she passed down to Mintaka in case she should ever need it. With this technique, Mizuzu concentrates spirit energy from her body into the index finger, and, pulling a mental trigger, releases it in a concentrated blast. Unlike Mintaka, she's reached the level of skill where she doesn't have a set amount of "bullets" and can use this technique so long as she has Spirit Energy.