Radical Good Speed


Kanji Unknown
Romaji Unknown
Owner Mark
Weapon Harmonious Alter, Footwear
Type Alter
Weapon Derivation Wheels Unlimited
Wheels Infinity


"And the name my alter was given....was RADICAL GOOD SPEED!"
—Mark when explaining his alter power

Radical Good Speed is name of the "Alter" power used by Mark inside and outside of combat situations. using it he is able to "shorten the universe" in a sense as he can reach a high rate of speed, very easily using localized high powered jet engines.


Radical Good Speed: Car ModificationEdit

As a seasoned "Alter" user, Mark is able to utilize his Alter power in a variety of ways. His primary non-offensive use is seen when he enters any standard automobile, Mark is able to use his alter to de-materialize local matter and use it to convert the basic structure of the vehicle as well as its engine forming a superior custom structure. Feeling the need for speed at almost all times, Mark often creates a series of half-a-dozen engines which run at well over their maximum output range, enabling a "Radical Good Speed" automobile. The speeds reached by said vehicle, easily attain and surpass velocities of 200 km/h across long distances. Despite the assortment of spines and spikes adorning a "Radical Good Speed" automobile, they appear to be purely aesthetics and the "Alter" vehicles appear to lack any offensive features. He can have the car obtain temporary flight.

Radical Good Speed: Boot ArmamentEdit

He can increase his own personal speed by limiting his power to solely his own form, and creating a pair of armored boots around his legs, which contain a series of micro jets which propel him at speeds of excess of 200 km/h similar to his vehicles, only due to his lighter frame he is turned into a literal battering ram. While using his speed he is able to turn on a dime, completely being in control of his body as he moves at high speeds.

Radical Good Speed: Wheels UnlimitedEdit

Radical Good Speed: Wheels InfinityEdit