Soukyoku Hill
Kanji 双殛
English Twinned Punishment
Item Statistics
Use Executions
Used By Soul Society

The Sōkyoku (双殛, Twinned Punishment) is a large halberd which the Gotei 13 uses at Sōkyoku Hill to execute Shinigami who have severely broken the law.

Overview Edit


The Sōkyoku released.

When not in use, the Sōkyoku is sealed by a number of thick ropes wrapped around its pole, which, piercing the ground, hold the halberd in place. During an execution, the Kidō Corps unseals it, causing these ropes to unwind and shoot off away from the hill.

As the Sōkyoku activates, emitting an immense amount of flames, it rises into the air, pointing towards the victim, who is held before it by support beams. The flames, enveloping the halberd, reveal its true form; a massive, phoenix-like entity called Kikōō (燬鷇王, Blaze Fledgling King). In this state, the Sōkyoku’s offensive and defensive power is said to be equivalent to that of a million Zanpakutō. As it pierces the victim, this power increases by tenfold, and creates so much heat it vaporizes their soul